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tv   HAR Dtalk  BBC News  March 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am GMT

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freedom party of geert wilders. greens polled very strongly but the junior party in the governing coalition, labour, suffered a dramatic loss. mainly muslim countries. a federaljudge has blocked his revised travel ban only hours before it was to take effect. he says he'll take the case to the supreme court. §e§he§§ “se 8616???” ’ "’*” has begun hisfirstftrlp toasia north korea's recent missile and nuclear tests are expected i'm sarah montague.
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shutting down. president. putin. and= he is now recovering in washington! vladimir kara—murza, welcome to hardtalk. hello, thank you for having me. can you tell us when you first realised that something was wrong in this recent illness that you suffered? well i actually woke up at about 4.30 in the morning because i felt my heart racing, and it was racing at an increasing speed. and then suddenly i began sweating profusely and
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feeling really, really weak. and i felt my blood pressure dropping suddenly and all of a sudden it became difficult to breathe. i was gasping for air. i was trying to make this movement to bring the air in, and it felt as if no air was coming out. but was probably... no air was coming in, rather, and that was probably the scariest thing. and of course i didn't want to admit it the way that starts it, it happens really do somethingzi'calledzmywtfié gag g; ;;“i;%§ figggm , was, it was the same thing that happened in 2015. life last time, two years ago. immediately collapsed,
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i was unable to sit, unable to stand, obviously, unable the floor. and thenfigainmuemml-m- and they could call an ambulance. and then within six to.sev.en,hourg, all of my 7— —~ 77 7, major organs just shut down, just f§;g§;_____.___1i lost consciousnessand irdon'trl weeks. so there were, what, two weeks when you had been put into a and they were cleaning the blood as well and changing the situation began improving. so presumably the poison, the toxin, whatever, e: ii i: e'i; f fig? e"? 7 5.54; ;5%.;. %'.;..;.. g'gsgascss . . . . .. . . ..
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time it tookjust six to seven hours. mavbe because i still hadn't full! ! team, the same doctors who saved me already in 2015, and they knew exactly the same problem. so they knew what to do. and this is why they did everything so much quicker than last time.
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